Anticanus is a Latin word meaning anti-aging. Skin of modern women exposed to extreme stressful environments such as climate change,
environmental pollution, dry air of inside the building, aging, hormone change and etc. Dr. Daniel research ‘Noble white’ pursuing active anti-aging
which provide modern women’s skin with true relaxation based on long experiences in his clinic. Anitcanus is a word expressing Dr. Daniel’s philosophy
pursuing active anti-aging to all women.

Time passed by to all women. “Wanting to be looked young” is common wish of all women. Anticanus want to be a skin mentor to all women.
Dr. Daniel is developing anti-aging products which can be used easily with home-care instead of professional-care
providing soothing and relaxation effects.

Anticanus, born with organic natural ingredients imported from Switzerland and technology of Dr. Daniel! Want to be with you all women
as true skin mentor.